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Mineral Makeup – The New Buzz in Cosmetics

ByLunox Lunox

Mar 16, 2022

There is a new buzz in the cosmetic marketplace. It’s mineral makeup! So what is it and how is it different? Mineral makeup is just as the name suggests made from minerals. These are naturally occurring minerals and inorganic pigments from the earth (Metal ores and iron oxides) that are very finely crushed and milled. They contain no oils, no preservatives, no fragrance, no talc and are safe for even very sensitive skins.

In fact, they are so safe that a lot of Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists are recommending them to their patients. Not only is Mineral makeup not harmful for the skin, it is actually good for it. The ingredients are so finely milled that they will not clog your pores and because it is made from inorganic minerals it will not gather moisture to feed bacteria therefore it is totally pure. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, helping to calm and soothe irritated skin.

What are the ingredients in Mineral Makeup?


This is a naturally occurring white mineral that is a fantastic sunscreen. It is the second most highly reflective mineral. (the first is DIAMOND) Therefore it not only acts a physical sunscreen but also helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


This is again a natural sunscreen giving you a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. But more than that it is also used for its wide range of colours. Maklon Kosmetik This mineral allows foundations to be different shades, and is also used in Eye shadows and Blushes.


This is a very opaque pigment again used for colouring cosmetics.


Used for it’s oil absorbing qualities.


Made from silica that is a combination of minerals but largely comprised of quartz. Dimethicone aids spreading, is transfer resistant and imparts a remarkable smoothness and creaminess to the overall product. It also improves coverage without adding heaviness. It is non-comedogenic and highly water repellent.


Is found in nature in a variety of colours and can be used to add shine and sparkle to cosmetics.

How does it differ from regular makeup?

Mineral Makeup is generally applied with a brush or sponge in a downward motion on a clean, moisturised skin. If you have very dry skin, the foundation at first can appear a little powdery but all you have to do is gently mist your face with water and all powderiness vanishes. For oily skins the foundation contains natural oil absorbing ingredients, therefore you will find the foundation nice and matte all through the day.

Regardless of your skin type, the foundation will give you a very natural, fresh appearance all day long. The makeup is also water resistant, meaning it will not run or smudge in humid weather or throughout your workout or if you get caught in the rain. All you have to do is pat the water or perspiration off your face, instead of rubbing it off.

Having said that, the makeup is not difficult to remove. Not containing any waxes or oils all you have to do is use your regular, favourite makeup remover. Over all, Mineral Makeup is worth buzzing about.

It is truly a major breakthrough in cosmetic skin care.